We've designed each Choulala Box to contain quality, stylish and most importantly -kid-pleasing- essentials. Handpicked for each season and full of style possibilities, we believe that less is more! The clothes in our boxes are carefully selected for maximum versatility, so your kids can wear them in whatever combinations strike their fancy and look great at playdates and parties alike.

Kids don't need a ton of clothes. They need pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different styles.




While we pride ourselves on being fashion forward, we want to be more than just that! We are passionate about empowering kids to express themselves through style while also learning to dress and build an ethical wardrobe. All our designs are handpicked and sustainably made. We support independent designers and/or those that employ women because we believe 'Nice Is Always In Style!'

We work hard to partner with clothing brands that are socially conscious.



My story is one that many moms can relate to. As a marketing professional of two, my days consisted of meetings and presentations, while nights were all about messy dinners, laundry and bedtime stories. I didn’t have the time to shop for clothing for my family and was looking to simplify the kid's shopping experience entirely. Moreover, it became apparent that both of my kids had a closet full of clothes, but an incohesive wardrobe.

After years of research and planning, the BLASTTM method was developed! It became our fool proof system to building versatile wardrobes. It taught me that power (in fashion) is NOT in the numbers. It's in the combinations you can create with stylish pieces on hand. The Choulala BLASTTM also empowers kids to teach themselves to dress while being mindful and sensible about what we already have. With it, I have one less battle to deal with as a mamapreneur. So, join me and let’s teach our kids that dressing themselves to express themselves is a BLASTTM!

~ Rola Amer
CEO & Founder