BLAST™ Flash Cards

The jury is out: Self-Dressing has emotional and cognitive benefits for your children. This 49-card deck is designed to educate on wardrobe basics by using our simple and fun BLAST™ system. B for Bottoms, L for Layering Pieces, A for Accessories, S for Socks & Shoes and T for Tops. 

Cultivate confidence and encourage self-expression, through play, we invite your and your littles to have a BLAST™  while learning. Fun for all ages! 


  • Why It`s a BLAST™ - Benefits of Self-Dressing
  • How to have a BLAST™ - Play Instructions
  • 35 BLAST™ cards color-coded into 5 themes. Each theme represents a different category of clothing in any wardrobe. 
  • 9 Empowerment Cards containing self-affirmation phrases and tips that guide your little-ones in dressing and expressing themselves. 

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